About Us

Who is IOST Pinoy


IOST Pinoy is a volunteer community of blockchain and crypto enthusiasts. We are strong advocates and evangelists of the IOST project, an ultra-fast, decentralized public blockchain network.

Our Goals


1. Help raise awareness about the benefits of blockchain technology.

2. Provide guidance and education to users and crypto newbies through articles, social media, meetups, and awareness sessions.

3. Promote IOST as a blockchain project of choice for users and investors, it being a fair and truly decentralized network that generously incentivizes nodes and token holders alike. 

As a IOST Global Partner


1. We will strive to promote IOST across a variety of social media platforms, blog posts and articles to bring in more users into the ecosystem and attract more investors.

2. We will share a portion of our  contribution rewards in the form of outreach programs  to selected communities in the Philippines. 

3. We will also share a portion of our election rewards back to our voters and the community via token airdrops. 

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